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Default Re: new to cruise vacations


Originally Posted by You
I have been reading your informative board as my husband is retiring & we are signed up for a cruise on Celebrity (Valparaiso to Buenos Aries) on Infinity in Jan.2010--I am starting to be concerned due to all the negative comments about Infinity.I also would like advice from anyone who has been on this trip. Thanks
I think that most of the negative comments about GTS Celebrity Infinity on these boards have come from one disaffected individual who did not understand the "boilerplate" text of the industry's standard cruise contracts that gets incorporated by reference into every booking. Basically, this "boilerplate" says that the cruise line has the right to modify the itinerary, including cancellation of ports of call, at any time, for any reason, without incurring legal liability.

The most prolific disaffected poster was on a cruise to Alaska on which the line cancelled one port of call and shortened a couple others due to malfunction of a defective propulsion pod supplied by the ship's builder. Although not legally required to pay any compensation, the cruise line gave the passengers in each cabin several hundred dollars in shipboard credit. Nonetheless, the ungrateful malcontent decided to defame the cruise line here in the misguided hope of getting a more generous settlement. Many of us have found her posts to be more than a little tiresome.

I was aboard GTS Celebrity Infinity last fall for a two week cruise from Port Everglades (Fort Lauderdale) to San Diego via the Panama Canal. The ship was in very good condition and service was outstanding.

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