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Default Re: new to cruise vacations

Originally Posted by gardener46
I have been reading your informative board as my husband is retiring & we are signed up for a cruise on Celebrity (Valparaiso to Buenos Aries) on Infinity in Jan.2010--I am starting to be concerned due to all the negative comments about Infinity.I also would like advice from anyone who has been on this trip. Thanks
Hi gardener46,

There are several good things about the Infinity or any Celebrity m-class ship. The free wine drinks and hot towels when returning from shore seem to be a favorite of many people. The theater on the Infinity is one of the best afloat. The service and food are as good as any other mainstream or premium cruise line. Barring the occurrence of the problem referred to by Norm in his above posts, you will probably have an enjoyable cruise on the Infinity.

There are also several valid reasons for all of the negative comments about the Infinity. IMHO and that of many others, ship maintenance has not been one of Celebrity's long suits. Other drawbacks are the almost non-existent past passenger program offered by Celebrity compared to other mainstream and even premium cruise lines and the possibility of having a shortened or cancelled cruise because of recurring propulsion problems.

As for the comments directed to me by Norm who called me "the ungrateful malcontent", which I take with a large grain of salt, since Norm has admitted to owning over 3,000 shares of Celebrity's parent company Royal Caribbean. Those kind of words are not even worthy of any comment from me. It not about me or even what happened on my cruise, but it is about honest information and what has happened in the past on so many mclass ships and what I believe will no doubt continue into the future. For whatever Norm's motives might be, I do respect his right to voice his opinion on this board, but I really can't accept this name calling and out and out lies about what happened on my cruise on the Celebrity Summit. After all, what good would this board be if everyone said I have sailed Celebrity 225 times and every cruise was perfect!!!! The truth of what actually happened on my Celebrity Summit cruise is posted in the review section of this board under May 7, Summit 13 night Alaskan cruise. If what happened on my cruise was a one-time thing, that would be one thing, but this same problem has repeated itself on three of the four Millennium class ships since they were first introduced.

To once again have to correct another one of Norm's inaccurate posts, the actual facts are: The port of Seattle and Sitka were skipped, Hubbard Glacier was missed and the Inside Passage was cruised mostly at night, all because of these same problems. So, in total four of the major highlights of this cruise were missed. I personally received $100 in ship board credit for a ruined cruise that I spent several thousands of dollars to take. The major rub comes in when I found out that this has happened now more than twenty times, with the latest cruise interruption taking place being on the Millennium another sister ship to the Infinity, in March 2009, while cruising in Australia. The result was about the same as our cruise with two ports missed and the passengers received another "generous" $100 on board credit from Celebrity. From the reports that I have seen, these passengers also were not all that "grateful" to Celebrity.

In all honesty, I certainly do understand "boiler plate" cruise contracts. I also understand that a cruise line, or any company for that matter, has a moral and legal duty to provide a defect free product to its customers. The Infinity, Summit and Millennium have all suffered from this same propulsion problems many times. The worst part is that passengers are not even told about this admitted recurring problem, even when Celebrity is asked this question directly. IMHO, this is just plain wrong. The one thing I understand the best is principle and the fair and honest treatment of passengers. I certainly understand that missing ports because of weather or civil unrest is just a part of cruising. What I can not understand is why any company would continue to sail ships that that are known to be prone to repeated failures and that fact does not make me very grateful to Celebrity. I also understand that this is an opinion board and just as Norm so often voices his opinions promoting and protecting Celebrity, I feel that I should also have the right to say what did happen on my cruise and what has happened on many other Celebrity m-class ships. However, it would be nice to be able to have comments by everyone, both pro and con, without the totally uncalled for name calling and attempted intimidation by a very small band of posters.

Happy and trouble free sailing to all,

With integrity nothing else matters; without it nothing else matters.

Winston Churchill

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