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Hi Paul... I just joined Cruise Mates today and was totally shocked (in a GOOD way) while reading that it was ok for me to talk about myself as a tour provider/professional.

My partner and I live in Germany and just completed a Baltic cruise. We had a great time, but were SHOCKED at how expensive (and short) some of the tours on offer from the cruise line were in Warnemünde. Since we can fly to Berlin in 45 minutes, we weren't interested in taking a 3 hour train ride there, tour 6 hours, and another 3 hours back so we started looking for alternatives. There weren't any really. The cruise line offered crazily priced tours and there was nothing really on offer for English speakers... so we turned our stop into a discovery excursion. We LOVED the area... found out there was a lot to see and discover so when our ship got back we drove ourselves back up and spend a few weeks putting some nice tours together to offer to English speakers... hence Friends of Dave Tours was born.

Imagine my surprise when reading your FAQs and Policies that we are able to tell that story or answer questions for people looking for nice port experiences. We certainly promise to be good board members and appreciate your decision... I bet your readers will, too!

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