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Default Looking forward to a once in a life time trip

I had to save up for 2 years to be able to take this vacation and I was looking froward to it for the last 6 months since I paid for the cruise. I am not like the rest of you who have more money then I know what to do with a can cruise all the time, I have to work for every penny to take care of my family.

I left work the Friday before the trip on cloud 9 and could not wait for the trip, so I went in to this whole trip very happy and could not wait for the fun. I got on the ship and everything looked great but as the trip went on things just went down hill.

The rooms were great, the staff working in the rooms was great, the evening dinner in the main Dining room was very good and what I would say is high class. The main dining room staff was wonderful so if I would have just stayed there things would have been a lot better. BUT I went to the buffet and the food was bad the people working in that area were rude and arguing or getting yelled at by the upped management at least once every time we were down there. As for the Midnight Buffet (There was a sign posted calling it a Midnight Buffet) it was nothing like anyone had said it should be and I could have got better food for the local store. Up until I we left the website still said there would be a Midnight Buffet it said nothing about cutting back and no longer having it.

As for the drinks I expected them to be walking around with them I was surprised and how early but it didn't bother me until they offered on to my 14 year old daughter (Physical tried to hand her one of the drinks off the tray). I don't know what time the bar is supposed to open but I myself bought a drink for the waiter at 8:30am just for the coconut glass.

The entertainment was great something I could compare to Las Vegas, 2 great shows and 2 different Comedians. The kids (17 & 14 year old) areas were great too the kids had a lot to do.

The Spa was nice but they were all very pushy and out for the sale so I could not relax there at all. And both of my kids wanted to go to work out in the Gym and my 14 year old was told she could not be in there at all even with an adult but yet she can go to the local Golds Gym at home. The ship had just been redone and this was the first cruise out and there were still things not working the Hot tubs didn't work, one of the elevators was down and the stairs going up to the deck above the pool was closed because they were cracked and had to be re welded.

So as you can see I did find some thing on the ship that were very nice but not 2 years worth of savings nice. As for the double charge I could ask the purser about because it happened a day after we got off the ship we were charged for each transaction as it happened and then the day after we got off the ship we were charger the whole amount again that is what caused the problem. I finally got my money back for the double charge almost a week after.

I posted here to see if any one else and the same experience and to tell others to just be aware.
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