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Originally Posted by katlady
Originally Posted by Cruznut2
This has to be the most negative letter I have ever seen.
I doubt that everything about this cruise was as bad as you portray it.
Selling alcoholic drinks to minors? Did you ever stop to think that the servers also offer soft drinks? My feeling is that they were offering to get a beverage for your child. Not neccessarily an alcoholic one. Yes they often have drinks on their trays for sale. It is also possible that those drinks were on the tray to be delivered to other passengers. I think you assume too much.
As to being assesed twice for the same charges. Why would you let it go? Did you even attempt to go to the pursers desk to discuss it?
So you want a full refund because you did not like the food? I would imagine that Carnival would be deluged in claims for a refund if everyone that found something they did not like asked for a refund. Me, I did not like the bleu cheese cake, where's the end of the line?
Obviously Carnival is doing something right. they are the most popular cruise line in the world. They did not get there by selling a bad product.

Originally Posted by katlady
I drive to port so there is:
1. the cost of gas*
2. the cost of parking*
3. the cost of a hotel room
4. tips, taxes and port fees
5.Pet sitting fees (I have cats and dogs)
6. Travel Insurance
* If flying the gas and parking get replaced by airfare and transfers. If cruising out of Galveston the transfers can be a large cost.
So why should Carnival be responsible for this?
Somehow I do not think Carnival {or any other line} will please you no matter what.

Hi Laura,
I wrote the part you quoted. I don't think Carnival should be responsible for this. That part was just informative for other new cruises. This is a list of additional cost a cruiser needs to consider when deciding if they can afford a cruise. However, Tips, taxes and port fees will be charged by Carnival. That thing to me that gives this post creditability is the fact that she admits to liking the dining room food and the shows. I think it's a waste of time to make up business cards and I think she should not get a full refund. But I also believe she is upset and once she calms down she will realize the business cards are just a little silly.
Sorry Kat, My error. For some reason I was thinking she thought she was entitled to all that too.

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