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Hi Gardener 46!

You and your LUCKY husband! Gosh, retirement is still a decade or two away from me (not my other half though).

I just want to reiterate richsea. When looking at reviews, toss out the highest and lowest. I think that the majority of =X= passengers enjoy the cruiselines' commitment to quality...on ANY of their ships.

I have been on all the M-Class ships, and the Infinity is a beautiful ship. As all ships go, things wear out and maintenance needs to be performed. I really see this is standard on all ships. Things crap out and need repair and through all of my cruise adventures with =X= have never, once had a "bad trip", lol. On two cruises our itinerary was changed and we missed a port. This was because of a medical emergency and the ship (both times) had to turn around or venture off into another course so as to accommodate the aerial / medical personnel.

I was on a Princess cruise in April to the Amazon. The propulsion units crapped out because a rope was hung up in it. That was the first 2-week itinerary. On the second leg, this was a back 2 back, the propulsion unit just stopped functioning and they had to fly in divers to St. Lucia, from Miami. happens to ALL cruise lines. Nobody was refunded any money. As Norm says, it is standard cruise contract.

Long story longer, I think you will find many positive things about the Infinity, her employees and your itinerary. It sounds excellent!! If you haven't already picked out your stateroom or suite, you can focus on that now! If you like the "little touches", I would spend the extra and upgrade to Concierge Class. When I first sailed with =X=, we chose that Class and have done it ever since. IMO, it's worth the few extra bucks.

Happy Sailing!
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