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Originally Posted by MamaGalloway
Just wanted to update those who may be interested.

I packed a soft sided cooler and some ice and had my cabin steward fill it each morning with fresh ice. The milk stayed nice and cold and some was even frozen! I didn't even have to pump and dump! We did drive to the port though, so I don't know how big of a hassle it would have been to fly with nearly 5 days and nights worth of breastmilk.

I purchased some Medela brand wipes to clean my pump pieces in the absence of a sterilizer. They say the parts don't have to be rinsed after use, so you can use them in places without access to water. (think Mexico, etc.) They were very convenient.

The best news though is that my son went right back to nursing when I returned. He never missed a beat!

Next up we are taking another 3 nights Bahamas cruise on the Monarch of the Seas with both of our boys, ages 7 and 6 months. Wish us luck!
Glad to hear that it all went well. I have a 6 month old baby who I'm still breastfeeding although weaning off and he's coming with us and my parents on the cruise (which we haven't yet book but we're planning to do in the next day or so). We are planning to book a suite so that there is a fridge available on the cabin. I will just use the cabin for feeding. He's currently getting breastfed twice a day, morning and night. Hopefully this will not disrupt his routine too much. I'm a little worried because he's teething though. I hope this rough patch will pass soon because the poor little thing has been crying a fair bit.
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