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Originally Posted by katlady
Originally Posted by momofmeg
Originally Posted by katlady
Mary Poppins would be the nanny for the kids.
Since Knicklers is a he I do think Fran Fine should be his nanny and then he could marry her eventually as in the TV show.

But Knickers does need a maid. We can't have Miss Fine/Mrs. Knickers making the scones. I think Hazel would be a good maid for Knickers, and it seems to me Hazel was a good cook, although it has been along time since I saw that show.

Katlady if you don't know who Hazel is go to and type in "Hazel" to find out about the TV show.
I know Hazel, however, I kind of like Alice from the Brady Brunch better. Plus Sam the Butcher could stop by and give Alice a little meat.
I am not sure if Alice could make scones, but she and Sam would be good companions for Mr. and Mrs. Knickers. Perhaps the Knickers would just have to be satisfied with homemade chocolate chip cookies! I am sure the former Miss Fine would prefer chocolate chip cookies.
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