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Default Carnival Freedom Review, Part 2

Carnival Freedom, Sunday May 24/09
Sea Day

My first Sea Day of the cruise turned out to be more of a "seasick day".
I awoke with a killer headache, but got up and dressed, ready for my first Pilates class early in the morning.
James was already gone out to breakfast, and to videotape the ship while waiting for my class to be over.
I never made it breakfast nor to my class, but only made it as far as the bathroom where I was very sick.
I am sure it was not seasickness, as it was a very calm sailing.
More likely the migraine I had made me ill, and I was very relieved to find that the vomiting did not cause atrial fibrillation and I did not end up in the infirmary!
The catheter ablation I underwent in April had obviously done it's job!

By the time James came back to the cabin looking for me, I was sound asleep on Gravol (Dramamine) and slept most of the day. At some point he spoke to our room steward to tell him not to bother doing up our room today.
This kind gentleman suggested to James that I eat a green apple to feel better, so he dutifully went up to Lido deck to find a green apple. Sure enough, it did the trick and I felt so much better that I was ready for lunch at 3:30 in the afternoon!

We headed for one of the few places open at this time of day, the Deli, and had a delicious grilled panini ham and cheese sandwich.
Afterwards, we found a quiet shady spot by the aft adult pool and spent the remainder of the afternoon reading.
This became our favourite spot for the week, with adult-only pool and hot tubs, and quick access to the bar, the Grill, ice cream station, toilets, and just outside the Lido restaurant. Couldn't ask for anything more!

This being the first Sea Day, it was "Elegant Night" the new name Carnival is calling Formal Night.
Before dinner this evening there was the traditional Captain's Cocktail Party in the 70's Disco, and it was well attended.
The drinks were varied and good, with plenty of alcohol, but there were no h'or d'oeuvres served, nor was there any appearance whatsoever of the Captain or any of his staff.
The music was recorded and a good mixture of old and new. Many people enjoyed dancing on the 70's under-lit multi-coloured dance floor.

In the Chic Dining Room, everything looked very elegant for Elegant Night.

We met our tablemates from the previous evening, Chiny and Heather from Windsor Ontario, Canada, and new tablemates Gino and Kim.
The first thing we asked them was if they were Canadian too, and strangely enough, Gino was from Toronto Canada, while his girlfriend Kim was from Tennessee. So we dubbed our table the "Canada Table!"

Chiny & Heather

Gino & Kim

Donna & James

Dinner was excellent once again. The special menu was a little too special for my tastes, so I ordered the standard classic chicken dish (always available) and it was delicious. James had some sort of chili and green pepper concoction that he found much to his liking.
For dessert he enjoyed a wonderful Cherries Jubilee, and I went light with an orange sorbet with chocolate sauce.

After dinner we attended the main show in the Victoriana Lounge, called "Jump and Jive".

It was a very good show, with talented singers and dancers, choreography, bright sets and costumes, but it was not my era of music (Swing).
The show ended with a nice touch of fun; the dancers and some of the band members ran through the audience and out into the atrium, and the audience was invited to join them to swing dance in the lobby!
The trumpets and saxophones wailed, and the passengers were dancing with the performers, and there was a great dance party going on when we left for bed.

We were happy to see our first towel animal waiting to greet us on our return to our cabin.

Good night Rabbit, and see you in Puerto Rico tomorrow!

to be Puerto Rico.

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