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I was wondering about this. Dan, my husband is not a problem since he has a decent one. Not that we go to formal events very often but perhaps something we got into the habit of doing from time to time. He studied at Oxford and there it was very frequent. The students even wear them for debates at the Oxford Union etc. I wasn't a student there but in London but I used to go to a lot of the parties and I love evening and cocktail dresses.

Nowadays, we get dressed up for New Year's Eve for instance.

Now, my father is not a suit type. I was thinking that he could probably look very nice in black tie (as we call it in England - I don't know if you do) but I wasn't sure if it's worth it for him to buy one since he really doesn't have much call for this type of attire. However, after the advice re the quality and fitting of the hired ones, I think I will advise him either to get one or to wear a nice dark suit. However, he is one of those that probably only wears a suit to weddings and funerals. He's a farmer and probably what you would expect an English farmer to look like, cliche I know but more into tweed and Barbour! What shall I suggest?

We women are just so much easier!
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