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All I can say is I told you this weeks ago. But respect, take your own time to let it sink in.

See Lynn, I am a made up character also and my actions and reactions are those of a made up character to another one.

Your problem was that you thought the intelligent people of this board would buy into your game, you never had a game.

And before I get jumped on for being false, what I say on here comes from my heart as it does for many other honest posters. I am saying the person that is me posting on here, may not be the person that you meet or experience in real life. But thats the internet and opinion boards.

But again the truth has been exposed and people know who they can trust for opinion and even if they dont agree with it ,,,it is honest opinion,,, against those doing their "whatever" and trying to play games with the rest of us.

I will run a 101 course in another thread to help identify when someone is trying to take the piss.

There are certian people I will discount from that course as they are actually mentalists and cant help what they write,,,big grin
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