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DH is wearing Rive Gauche by YSL at the moment. I also quite like Ralph Lauren Polo.

Myself, well, I change all the time, also it depends on the occasion and the weather even.

For dressing up, my favourite is Coco Chanel Madamoiselle. For sporty, Tommy Hillfiger for woman, or something like Lacoste in Pink. I was given a box of 5 Estee Lauder miniatures for Christmas and I love the idea of sampling different ones, most of them are floral, so ideal for spring. Beyond Paradise and Beautiful are my favourite of that lot.

Now, I will probably take Dune by Christian Dior to the cruise since it really has some hot weather inspiration there somewhere. It's something that I only wear in summer but love it during the season.

Someone mentioned Magie Noire, oh, my mum has been a fan for years!
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