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Originally Posted by davejohn
You made out better than us. HAL routed us from NY to Atlanta to Anchorage. There were much shorter flights at a lower cost. But HAL used Delta and that's what we got.

Like you I learned my lesson. Now we make our own air arrangements.
OP was lucky on other lines or just doesn't remember. As a travel agent I can assure him and everyone else, what you are saying is the case. They always route you from hell and back unless you are very lucky. We were lucky with a group going from ABQ to LAX, but there were not too many options. There is always the option to pay an extra fee for a better routing. They book blocks of seats and get the best rate they can for a given date, if it is not convenient for you, OH WELL. The only problem with booking your own, and I do recommend cliants do book thier own, is the possiblity of missed flights, delays or whatever. The cruise line will not assist if you book independantly..

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