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Default millie the 10/23rd cruise

My husband and I just returned from our cruise in Europe, and I just wanted to say we had a wonderful time. I started coming to this sight right before our cruise to receive some info regarding the ship, and I have to say there were times that I thought we made the wrong choice on going on this ship, but I'm happy to say it was a Great Choice. This is my 5th cruise this year only, and the most enjoyable one (we cruise about every three to four months).
Yes there was viberation on the ship, but not all the time and really it was not that bad. We had the late sitting for dinner and that is when we noticed it when we left the different ports, now I'm sure for those that had cabins in the back of the ship it was not a good thing, but my feeling is that the viberation problem was well known and people could change there choice in cabins if this would be a problem to them. Second I would like to tell all that we had a great cabin on the sky deck with a huge balcony very nice room we were very pleased with our choice in the cabin area.

Anyway I'm not going to give a big review in details, because every area was wonderful. Including the shore tours and trust me we took all the long ones 8 to 10 hour ones, yes we were tired by the time we got back to the ship, but my view is most people go on this type of a cruise to see different areas of the world so I would hope everyone would realize that the tours are intense.

For those who are taking a cruise like this, have a wonderful time, and go on your vacation with a postive attuide, and make your own judgement, I can say that everything I read that was bad about this cruise I never encountered, but I also went with the thought we were going to have a great time.

There was one thing that really bothered me and that was how we Americans act!! shame on us!!! How dare we go into another country and behave they way I saw some Americans behave. We must remember we are guest in there country, and we should behave like we are guest. Several times I heard people saying terrible things to the staff and to the people in differnet ports, and making RUDE comments about them and their Country. They should be ashamed of them selfs!!! We wonder what is happening to the younger generation with their lack of respect to others, well they learn from us adults!!! Insults are not needed nor do they ever solve a problem one may be trying to deal with, so I will go out on a limb and say please remember your manners, and be grateful that we are lucky enough to see different parts of the world, remember there are people out there that never leave there own home state because they are unable to. Enought of all this Just to all of those who are going on a cruise have a wonderful time, and enjoy yourself and be thankful that you are able to take so such a wonderful trip.
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