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Default RE: millie the 10/23rd cruise

I know I'm going to be criticized for this, but we were on the Millennium on the 9/22 cruise (west Med). We also had a fantastic time, but I was appalled at some of the rude passengers on our ship...and this is where the criticism is going to come EVERY case, the loudest and biggest gripers and whiners on the ship seemed to be from the New York/New Jersey area. I was truly embarrassed when I went on excursions and if something wasn't to their liking, they were inevitably the first to gripe about it - to anyone around who would listen - and even to those who didn't want to. Now, I'm not saying that all New Yorkers on the cruise were rude - hardly, I met many lovely people from all over, including the New York area- but it did seem that the most obnoxious passengers were from that area. And how did I know that? - first, from their undeniably New York/Jersey accents, and secondly, they didn't hesitate letting everyone know they were from New York and New Yorkers don't put up with ____and ____ (fill in the blank). Even people from New York whom I met on the cruise noticed this phenomena as well and were embarrassed about it.

What is up with that?
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