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Default RE: millie the 10/23rd cruise

We were on the 10/13/00 Milly cruise and toured with the "Cruisemates" group, except for 2 tours booked thru the ship. We are from NJ (about 20 miles from NYC).
First, the ship, the service & the food were wonderful! ALL of the people who were in our group were great & they were from about 10 U.S. States plus Canada. I did not hear one of them being rude to anyone in the countries we visited !
On the ships tours we were also with people from various States, Canada & European countries. I did not hear any rudeness from them. Nor did I hear it or experience it from locals !
As with people visiting the States from other countries----there may be a language problem. Learning a few necessary words like "grazie, merci beaucoup & hola" goes a long way in Europe !
On our many Caribbean cruises is where I heard rudeness to locals in the Islands ,especially the French islands, & sometimes, visa versa ! ---- Not only from New Yorkers, but other states, as well.

I take offense that people from NJ are "clumped" with people from NYC or Long Island ! True, some of us commute to NYC and are influenced by the City, but NJ is a State apart & much more rural & relaxed.

Hope you have a great relaxing trip---we did! Natalie
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