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Default Don't Ruin Your Cruise

You will not be able to take on board in your carry on baggage ANY bottles that exceed the federal limits.You also have to put in plastic bags your liquids which are screeded by TSA at the airport. In your cheekd baggage do you really want to put glass bottles or liquor in with your good clothes. This seems to be asking for a diaster. Just take a look out the window of your place and note the tossing of that luggage by the baggage handlers. Now if you are not flying and are driving to the port, the matter changs a lot. Your carry on baggage will have to go though a scanner and if the scanner operator sees the bottles, which most likely he will, you may be ask to open your suitcase and what happens next just depends upon how well that scanners' day has gone thus far. Let's assume it has gone well and he hardly notices the botttles. Good for you, pick up your bags and head for your room. If it is not carry on and you have to check it once again and the handleing of the bags is generally not all that gentle so you run a very good chance that the bottles will break and your clothes will have to be cleaned. that cleaning aboard ship will greatly exceed the savings you have made by bringing aboard liquor.There is not a good answer to what you want to do. Sorry!
Bill A. Belt
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