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I did not ask for this room! I also would never ask for this room! I saw online they have 25 of these on this ship, and my guess is since the cruise is about a week and a half away they started releasing these to fill capacity. From the moment I found out I felt bad accepting this room should there be someone who truly needs it. But, my husband insist that they probably had to put us there because they don't need this room for people with a disability, and the other rooms are filling up. I don't know. We booked two rooms on the same floor near each other.

I'm just wondering, if it's not possible to change rooms without an upgrade, what are the differences? I once was given a wheel chair accessible room in Disney, they saw my elderly grandmother in a wheelchair, but we asked to be changed because the sinks and other features were very low. Also, the room had no tub, and in the end my grandmother could walk short distances, so it was not necessary.

I would never ask for a room someone truly needed. In the same token, if I can't change, I want to know if the room will be different and in what ways.
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