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Default Re: Is Everyone Sleeping In On Sunday Morning ???/

Originally Posted by Venice
can't believe I am the first one up..Good Morning and have a nice leisure, slow, laid back day of summer
Yes: I am sleep typing this message.

I will probably be awakened by one of the grandkids. We have the kids today so their mom and dad can cut down some trees and clear brush without worrying about them being crushed.

Yesterday was an interesting day. We went to our favorite Minneapolis, Vietnamese restaurant and then to the Asian market across the street. In the produce area they had "Durian". If you don't know Durian is the smelliest fruit in the world and can't be stomached by the "Bizarre Foods" guy on the Travel Channel. I had to have it.

I bought one, brought it home and cut it up outside on the patio table. I cut it open and it didn't smell too bad. I took a spoonful of the soft center and it basically tasted like VERY strong cheese and over-ripe pineapple. It wasn't what I would call good but I've eaten worse. I had about four spoonfuls brought one in the house for Betty. She ate it. I then threw the rest away. However..........for the rest of the night and this morning "I stink". The smell of the stuff is oozing from my pores. I don't think I'll go anywhere in public today. Oh yeah: The burps are nasty.

Today we will take the kids out on the boat for a run around the lake.

I hope everyone has a great day and a wonderful week.

Take care,
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