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Good Morning CruiseMates.
Delft glad to see you made a clean getaway and stinky, oops I mean Mike, bet you'll avoid the Durion next time. Like you, sometimes you just gotta try something new, to heck with the consequences. Reminds me of when d/h and went to Cheeseburger in Paradise and ordered some really fragrant tasty curry chicken dish. On the way home I ran into Trader Joes to pick up a few things while d/h and the kids waited in the car. I came out of the store and d/h helped me load stuff int the back of the truck. Then we climbed back in the truck and after a minute were overcome by noxious fumes. We both started to accuse the kids of "gassing us" Then realized that d/h and I were the source of the stink and everytime we opened our mouths it got even worse. now that is a great way to take revenge on your kids lol!

Well let's see, Yesterday was a nice day. Really got nothing at all done, just played outside with the kids and ended up ordering pizza and cooling off in the pool. Oh well yes I did vacuum the pool. D/H and I ended up just siting onn the patio trying some Belgian Trappist Ale I brought home from Trader Joes. It was very good especially with the pizza I had delivered for our patio picnic. It finally got dark and we all came iinside and went to bed.

Not sure what we'll do today. The kids and the cat are up, D/H is still having a snorefest. We've been talking about packing everyone up and heading to Benihana. D/H has a birthday certificate from there that needs to be used by the end of the month.
Friday, we leave for Canada. We'll be going up for the Holiday weekend to see d/h's family. His sis lives on Lake Huron so she has a nice party planned for the 4th. That way we can sit on their beach and see the fireworks across the border in Michigan. It's really a nice way to spend a weekend. D/H's sister is a great entertainer and we always have a wonderful time at their house. She said to bring our suits but I am pretty sure there is no way I will be getting into Lake Huron. It is toooo cold for me. The kids and d/h will though I am sure. Perhaps I should go buy a wetsuit so I can brave the frigid waters of the great lake lol.

Well I hope you all have a great day and all is well with you. and yours!

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