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Default Boarding the ship

This was my family first Conquest class ship. All the other cruise ships were Fantasy (and one Holiday class for my mom, but she doesn't like talking about it much-cruise from hell). The ship is astounding! The atrium was beautiful! So much detail! And the chandelier was so cute! I loved the way it changed colors! By now, it was 2 in the afternoon and upon finding our staterooms, we toured the ship with life jackets in hand. After the lifeboat drill everyone filled the upper decks to wait for sail off. And we waited...and we waited...and we waited. We were informed by our cruise director, Butch (what a CUTIE!) we had a large group of late flights and we were waiting for them. While waiting in the hot Miami heat with 3,000 other people and sweating profusely, Liberty of the Seas sailed by. And Boy, that ship is huge! The pictures don't do it justice! Now that I'm 18, I would love to sail on of their newer ships. By now, it's almost 5 and the ship horns blast loudly letting everyone know...we are officially on vacation.

Quice and I went down to get our first Drink of the day, Miami Vice (virgin of course) and found my mom with stepdaddy. She had a Mimi Vice also, (Non-Virgin of course) and Quice and I had fun drinking hers. We passed slowly trough Miami, and I think we passed the place where Brooke Hogan lives (Not a fan, but cool nether less). Anyway, Quice and I went to further explore the ship and check out places we would dub, OUR SPOT. We walked past a sushi bar on the Promenade, got a plate and sat down to watch the sea. My boyfriend and I are pretty big jazz fans, and went down to catch the Live Jazz Set down in the lobby. They were good!! We had a late seating dinner in the Golden Olympian Dining Room at 8:15, and being the old people that we are, we went to sleep till 7:30.

Here is where the questioning faces came in. Their are two dining rooms, Gold and Silver, both on the same deck, both two stories. However, you can't walk the full length of the ship on deck 3 and 4. My grandmother (Nana) has bad knees and was getting pretty pissed we had to go up to deck 5 only to go down to deck 3. But learned what set of elevators would take us straight down to the living room. Our waiter was Niven, pretty cool dude, cute too. My nana had a crush on him. haha. My nana was the star of the dining room, because on certain nights, the waiters would dance on the tables and my nana was the loudest one in the room! Everyone in our dining room got to know her name and couldn't wait till she did something crazy. We got out of dinner around 9:45 and Quice and I went to the Promenade to go to the Hot&Cool Disco party which started at 10. Circle C kids were using the club tonight, and soon as they left, we headed in. Now, I'm 18, and Quice is 17, and will be 18 in August. Everyone in the club that night was like 50 and they were playing lame music. So we dipped. We walked past Without Batteries, the teen club, and he said he didn't want to go in because it looked lame too. So, we spent that night roaming the FREEZING COLD ship and headed back to the room around 2 to sleep. For the next day was our first port of call...Half Moon Cay.
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