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As many times as I cruise Princess, I have always found the staff on to be fabulous! Better than any other cruiseline. I cruised on NCL with a friend a year ago, and the staff/service was lousey! It was the California-to-Mexico cruise and I was told by other shipmates that some cruises (especially the Calif-to-Mexico) are meant to train new staff. NCL was quite disappointing. I wrote them and they did not respond.

Gotta share this: On NCL last February: I was accused of 'hoarding' half-n-half, by my room steward, because I asked for more half-n-half (we had a coffee pot in the room). I again asked for more a couple days later, and a ship official came down to my room to talk to me. They were rude and accusatory. Between the two of us who shared the room, we drank more than two cups of coffee a day each and needed more than 4 creamers. The food on good on NCL - that's about all the good I can say about that cruise and, we had a lot of fun despite several experiences similar to what I just shared! I love Princess.
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