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Default Re: new to cruise vacations

Originally Posted by Rev22:17
Nurse Debra,

Originally Posted by You
As for the comments directed to me by Norm...
Actually, I did not direct any of my comments to you.

But I am glad to see that your reporting is somewhat more "fair and balanced."

Originally Posted by You
... since Norm has admitted to owning over 3,000 shares of Celebrity's parent company Royal Caribbean.
It's now up to 5,000 and likely going higher. As an investor, I like what I see on Celebrity!

Norm, I was so happy to hear that your comment calling another poster on this board an "ungrateful malcontent" was not directed at me! That said, it does then bring up the question as to whom that comment was directed to? IMHO, it does show a severe lack of social graces, among other things, no matter who such a crude comment was referring to. You also mentioned "tiresome" in your very uncalled for post, and what I find very tiresome, are comments that often misstate the actual facts and tend to always favor a particular cruise line, no matter what the real situation is.

I am truly impressed that you now own over 5,000 shares of Celebrity/RCL stock, especially in view of all the problems Celebrity has had over the last few years. I am sure that Celebrity is grateful to have Champions promoting them on the Internet.

Since you have said that your comments were not directed at me, you must now realize that my posts have always been fair and honest in reporting what happened to me and 2,000 other passengers on my cruise, not to mention the twenty, or so, additional occurrences of the very same problem on Celebrity mclass ships. I have always said that there were some things that Celebrity does do right, but for me there is also serious question about being lied to and deceived when there is a problem on a Celebrity ship. This fact, IMHO, far outweighs the few positive things that happened on my Celebrity cruise. I also can state that I was grateful to Celebrity that we did manage to limp back to port safely, even though we were one of the cruises that did miss half of the itinerary that we had paid for. As an investor, I did not like what I experienced on my Celebrity cruise, or what so many others have also experienced, but I guess that is what makes horse racing! To each her/his own.

Happy sailing.

With integrity nothing else matters; without it nothing else matters.

Winston Churchill

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