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My family was up nice and early for Half Moon Cay-Everyone but me! lol. My mom went for her usual morning workout and then breakfast. I was awaken by my boyfriend. After being dragged out of Carnival's warm Comfort Bedding, I got dressed and Quice and I headed up for breakfast on the Lido. I got my soon to me usual, cantaloupe, a bagel with some kind of jelly, potato wedges, and an omelette with everything on it but bacon. While my boyfriend just had an omelette and picked off of everything I didn't eat. We had to tender into the island and we all went back to the room to pack up towels and sunscreen. Half Moon Cay is the Line's Private Island, so the Sail&Sign cards was a must for more reasons than just getting off the ship. To get to the tender, we had to meet in the freezing, but beautiful Venetian Palace to receive a tender number. We waited for a good 20 minutes before they called groups 20-24. Then all Hell broke lose. People running to get to Deck 0 to get on the tender. My mom told my boyfriend to run ahead of everyone to save spots in line (for whatever reason...) just so happen that he had both mine and his Sail&Sign...which meant that it would further delay us getting off this bloody cold ship. So I'm flipping out in line, pissed off and running up to the Purser desk to get a new card. 5 mins later, I'm pushing people out of my way to find my family---when Quice shows up with my old card, which is now deactivated. Now I'm really pissed. We FINALLY board the tender and on our way to the island.

Half Moon Cay was really nice. However, the shoreline smelled like sewer. Other then that, so beautiful! We got drinks with our cards, and sat back and relaxed. There was a group on board with maybe 100 or so people in it-it was an Quiceanrira group. And boy, most of them were rude! Never saying 'Excuse me' when they bumped into you, or jumped you in line. Thank goodness I took Spanish for 6 years! They looked at me hella surprised when I would say something to them in Spanish telling them they need to move out the way. haha. HMC had a giant buffet. It was pretty well hidden and hard to find. My boyfriend and I walked for what seemed like forever to find the grub! Someone led us to it. Everything was really good! I stood in line to get us something to drink...yeah...I was waiting for 10 mins to get a sip of Lemonade from little Dixie cups aka two sips and you're back in line. After eating we headed back to the beach and caught a tender back to the ship.

After showering, me and my boyfriend took a nap with all intentions of waking up to catch sail away, but slept till it was almost time for dinner. I don't remember what we had, but I'm sure it was really good. After dinner, Quice and I headed back to the cabin to change for the "nightlife". Yeah right. We went to Club o2, it was still pretty lame, they let 13 year olds in. So Quice and I headed to the back of the ship behind Emilie's which was one of our spots. We sat in the hot tub just talking and ate ice cream. Then did some random roaming of the ship before calling it quits for the day and sleeping...

Next up, a fun day at sea.
Jay = ]

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