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Default Really bad experience

I was on the June 3, cruise out of Barcelona for the 12 night Med. Islands, etc on the Brilliance of the Seas. I had booked a room that was not near a club, theatre, or underneath a walkway as I hate footfall noise. To my surprise, I was assigned a room on the fourth deck which I certainly didn't want. It was supposed to be an "upgrade". What a joke. It was underneath the walkway that was beside the theater and where smokers congregated. In the mornings there was an assortment of noises from workers. I had to wait until the theater closed in the evenings and smokers went to bed for the noise to ease of to get any sleep. Sleep was something I like to enjoy on vacation and in this case, I didn't get much. I filed a couple of complaints but was told that all berths were full. In addition, the food was very mediocre. One night moussika was served. It was like a soup. Everything was overly salted and nothing was really very good. I do not use formal dining. I don't like carrying the extra clothes. This cruiseline is not to the same standard as Celebrity or even Princess lines. It is highly unlikely that I will ever use Royal Carribean again. Royal Carribean makes it apparent that they only care about you money and want you to spend lots of it. I understand that money is what it is all about, but they need to also improve in customer relations. I thought the entertainment was pretty good.
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