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Originally Posted by briguy
Originally Posted by Michelle1959
I recommend keeping $50 cash on you for small purchases you m,ay make, as well as tips, while you are in a port. What I do is keep one envelope containing $50 in small bills in my cabin safe - one for each port day as well as one for each travel day (for meals/snacks in airports).

Thenk, just carry the day's cash in a deep front pants pocket and put a fake wallet with fake money on top of it). If someone picks your pocket, they will get the fake wallet. Keep your ids' passport, S&S card, etc, in either a money belt or other security pouch.

I'll now be using a bra pouch for ids, credit card, and a 5 $20 bills for emergencies).This clips on to my bra strap; then it's easy to get to if you need it. I also don't have to keep checking my pockets to make sure a wallet didn't get stolen. I guarangee I'll know if someone gets their hand down my cleavage!

Why the fake wallet? Its asking for trouble. If you dont carry a real one or its hidden better then you wont be a target anyway. Hide your money and keep the wallet pickers away. Dont be a victim..
You know I kind of agree with the fake wallet thing myself, not necessarily with fake money though. I think that would just make a thief more irate if he opened it in front of you. However, if he snatches it and runs, then "surprise" to him.

My sister was recently attacked in broad daylight just a few feet from the door to a drugstore. She had been talking to me on her cell phone and as soon as we said "bye" she looked down to punch the end key on the phone. At that exact moment she was attacked from behind by a large man who snuck up on her. She never heard him. He immediately and violently jammed a substance into her nose and began vigorously rubbing the substance into her eyes. She does not know what it was, but it burned her nose and throat and eyes and she could not see. He literally picked her up, taking her phone and purse and tried to get her rings and watch. Luckly thanks to witnesses he and his driver accomplice were caught about an hour later with her belongings. They kept her cash ($25) and used her credit cards within 15 minutes of the assault. This is apparently a new mode of theft/attack without a real weapon.

Since then, I have considered putting my money and debit or credit card in my pocket, and carrying an old purse, with an old wallet. My thoughts are that if they grab my purse and run, maybe they will leave me alone. If I go into a store without a purse and my cards and money in my pocket they would know that I had to have cash somewhere on my body.
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