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Default Fun day at sea and Elegant night at sea


I begged my boyfriend to come with me to see the sunrise. My mom woke us up around 5:45, and we walked up one level to the lido deck to catch the 6:05 was beautiful. One the way back to the cabin, we were approached by security and a parent. They asked us if we saw this certain young man. I thought I did the night before, with some drunk kid, but took a closer look and we said no, but we seen him around the ship. As we were walking back, the young man was walking towards the Lido with a lot of friends. I wanted to tell him his dad didn't look to happy...but I had morning breath and he would find out on his own anyway.

We went back to the room and re woke around 10 to eat breakfast and plan our day. We wanted to play Win, lose or draw, but that didn't start till 12:15, so we went to go play putt putt with my little brother. Oh boy! It was windy up there on the sport deck! A game of putt putt turned into a game of just trying to stand on two feet! But it was fun nevertheless. 12:15 came and we were like 3 minutes getting to the game because we got lost trying to find The Cabinet, on "Deck 4". (Yeah..had to go up to deck 5 and find a secret set of stairs to get there). The guy running the game wasn't to friendly or too into it and wasn't trying to include us, plus, it was dark and smokey down there, so we dipped to find something else to do. We sat up at the lido eating ice cream and caught the last little bit of a ice carving demo. Once again, the Quices were being rude and getting in people's way...eghhhh. We left the Lido to attend Battle of the Sexes in the Piano Man bar at 2:00. There was about 25 people wanting to play...but, no Carnival Rep showed up! We all sat around talking, doing the usual, "Where are you from? Oh! I been there before talk" only to find out no one was going to come. A girl came in saying we were in the wrong place to go to the lobby, so all 25 of us walk to the Lobby where they were playing a bean bag toss. We all booed and yelled for Butch. He never came. So we were forced to find something else to do. My boyfriend was getting pissy and antsy because there was really nothing to do but eat (my fave past time). We found Butch-in a disco dance class he was teaching. We did that for maybe an hour...that was pretty fun. Butch was our cruise director, and was such a cutie, with his lanky tall self. lol.

I got a salad for lunch so I could fit into my formal night dress. Around 7, we all headed to the cocktail party...FREE DRINKS! Then headed off to dinner, which was the best dinner we had so far. Only thing I remember was that I had duck...and it was greeeaaat!

The bf and I went to go change and sat outside the adult club. I flashed the guy my id and card, and went in, looked around and saw it was pretty decent tonight and walked back out to get my boyfriend. I thought cause he had just checked my id like 5.5 seconds ago, he wouldn't check it again, and wouldn't check my boyfriends, but he did, and told my boyfriend he couldn't come in cause he didn't turn 18 till August...bummer. No one was in Club o2...they were all sitting outside and the 13 y/o were pretty much running their club. So off to eat more ice cream for us! After changing to our PJ's, we sat around on the lido just talking and watching music videos and watching people go by. By now, it's 3, and we head to the arcade and played air hockey and somehow played some games on the dance dance revolution machine while guys cleaned up the teen club which was connected to it.

Then, we went back to the room to watch some cartoons before calling it a night.

Next up...St.Thomas!
Jay = ]

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