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The two big Mayan excursions in Progresso are Chitzenitza (sp) and Uxmal....
(If I remember correctly, Uxmal was 30 minutes closer each way, than Chitzenitza)

We chose Uxmal so we could have a smaller group and more access to the ruins.

When we docked, they loaded 4 full large busloads to Chitzenitza and started loading a 5th before they loaded our group of 8 into a van for the ride to Uxmal.

When we arrived at Uxmal it was our group, a german group of about 5or 6 people and a handful of locals touring the sites. (maybe 35 people total in the entire site. Less than got loaded on each bus to Chitchzenitza)

The only ruins you couldn't walk on, in or through was the main pyramid at the front of the park and the hoop for the ballcourt. (I'm sure if they let you, some idiot would hang on it, like a basketball hoop and break it off)

The entire rest of the site was open to walk through, on in and up...
It was incredible.
Definitely nice to be able to walk right up to the sculptures in the walls and see the up close.

When we got back, the people who went to Chitzenitza said that everything was roped off, so you couldn't climb on it and everywhere was line after line after line, waiting to walk up behind ropes to see the ruins.

They were jealous when we told them how open and non-crowded our ruins were and showed them the pictures.

Basically, if you want to see a place that everybody has heard of, go to Chitzenitza.
If you would prefer to actually explore the ruins a bit and have a much, much smaller crowd, go to Uxmal.

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