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Default Donde esta Senor Frogs?!?

San Juan, Puerto Rico

We all did the usual. wake up, eat breakfast, get off the ship. Today, we were docked with the Caribbean Princess and meet back up with Liberty of the Seas. We docked right in the middle of everything seems like, as soon as we past the gates, we were bombarded with offers for taxis. We declined everyone and decided to check out the city on foot. We all were handed Senor Frogs coupons for Free Shots and found out the drinking age was 18. Hecks yeah! My family tried to find something that were were all interested in, but guessed it...SHOPPING (Boo.) We picked up little knick-knacks, which was the same anywhere, I got another shot glass and blah. I hate shopping. My mom, seeing how bored me and Marquice was, told us we could go, just make sure we got back to the ship in time. So we DIPPED! We walked aimlessly around the city trying to find Senor Frogs. We found the Clothing store, and turned in the bottom of our coupon slips to get a free necklace. Then we saw a huge fort and walked towards it and up the big hill. We could do a self tour for 3 dollars each, not too bad. And the fort was cool (check out the pictures on facebook yo.) It had awesome views of the city and of the ports and cruise ships. We spent an hour there before continuing our quest for Senor Frogs.

We finally found some signs leading us there...we felt so dumb because it was a street over from the port! The drinking age was 18, which I am, one checked id's. We got our free blue shot (which tasted like kool-aid) and got a order of chips. They gave us balloon hats and we stood on top of chairs. It was a club atmosphere and it was fun. But Marquice dad asked us to get him a bottle of Puerto Rico Rum. We asked the waiter what was the best place to get some, and he gave us directions, but it was too loud to really grasp them, so we nodded our heads, and went on our way. On way, we saw my stepdad headed back to the ship since everyone had went their own ways. We told him about our quest for rum and told him about Senor Frogs. We walked there and they got drinks while I ordered a Strawberry Daiquiri. In the city I live in, we are one of the rare few that can take alcoholic beverages out on the street. But there, we couldn't and we were starting to be pushed for time. So we gulped everything down, and me, I'm not a drinker by no means, so I was starting to feel the effects from the shots and my daiquiri. On the way, we stopped to ask a lady for directions which she gave in Spanish. I translated and we were on our way to a place called Don Q. They had big bottles for 15 R E E D R I N K S! We got Pina Coladas and some other orange drinks. They were we got plenty. After about an hour and a half. Me and Marquice was REALLLYYY feeling it. I couldn't focus my eyes to read...or to barely walk, plus, it was hotter than hell, and my body felt warm and fuzzy. lol. We got back on the ship and went to my room where my mom was. She could tell we had been drinking, she wasn't mad at me, I was legal. lol. We went up to the Lido for lunch and sail away where I drunk plenty of water and ate just in case if I threw up, it wouldn't just be stomach acid and pineapple. haha. Then we sat and watched Wall-E. It was so cute. Marquice didn't drink water and went down for a nap, and woke up with a headache and was quiet all during dinner. Around 10 we went to the Fun Hop where the Blue team (BLUE! there it is!) met in the Victoria Lounge. Karaoke was running late and a lot of the blue left because all the other teams were doing fun things. After they cleared the singers out, the 50 people who suck it out went in to get face paint and sing songs. Marquice was being a hangover baby and wanted to go back to the room to sleep before 11 for the deck party. We got up a little later than 11, and went up, but it was kinda lame. I tried to get into and have fun, but Marquice totally ruined my night cause all he wanted to do is sit because of his massive headache. I wasn't feeling to hot too, so I went back to the room and slept, face paint and all, till the next morning...

Last port of call, Grand Turk.
Jay = ]

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