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Originally Posted by venice
Mean Dean..good logical question...let me try..I grew up in rural upstate new york and attended a small high school that had less then 100 boys, we did not have a football team so we played soccer for our fall sport..a high school next to us had 200 boys so they played a typical home soccer game we had maybe 50 fans (including my 10 GF's ), at the football games on friday night they had the entire is just not considered an "American" sport like football, basketball, baseball and most boys who play sports don't want to grow up to be a soccer star (no big $$$$ in it and you don't get to date the cheerleaders) a matter of fact they don't have cheerleaders

in the rest of the world, on the other hand, socccer is a passion, that fathers teach to sons, superstars are idolized, entire communties support with a passion, and when it comes World Cup time fans are crazy..and as the soccer ladies on our boards have clearly indicated, they love their superstars...the term "soccer moms' probably is derived that the moms are the only ones at the games

Mean your neck of the woods, soccer is a great college sport but still draws no where near the crowds of football...NCAA soccer tournaments draw small crowds and no tv coverage

So what you're saying is that, even though we have the "soccer moms", we still don't have the support in the U.S. for soccer that other countries have.

And you're probably right.

I'm not a big soccer fan myself, and don't know that many who are. So I guess until that changes, we won't get too much better at soccer. It's nice to see, however, that the world has a common sport to compete in, that being soccer, and that sport gives us all something in common.

Perhaps the World would be a better place if we settled our differences on the soccer field instead of the battlefield.......

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