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I'm so jealous, I love Mariner of the Seas. The teen club was actually really fun. My teen directors were Matt Russo and Andrew, both were in their early to mid 20's so they were really cool. They would dance with us and chill with us during the day. But I know Andrew is not on the ship I still talk to him and he's back at home in Canada. The last time I talked to Matt he said he was still in London with his girlfriend..and didn't plan on going back. So hopefully you have just as cool teen directors! During the day most of the teens I met just hung out at the basketball court, two of the teen areas, arcade, promenade or at the pools. On the Mariner they are actually really strict with security. When I was on it once the teen club closed down for the night the rent-a-cops would be like "make sure you go straight to your room." No one did, but they followed us a lot...but we just ran. Basically you have to chill in someone's cabin after the curfew because the rent-a-cops are ALWAYS around. Luckily one of the guys i met had a suite so it was cool to go there. Oh the teen parties are cool.. the only lame one is the pool party no one went.

If you have anymore specific questions just ask!

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