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So. unless I'm really dense this week ( which is possible given several things I've dealt with ) the OP booked a guarantee and was " upgraded " and came out on the bad end of the " upgrade " which can happen with regularity.

The reason I asked about a T.A. was that had the OP booked a specific cabin and the cruiseline wanted to upgrade him, they would have notified the T.A. who in turn would / should have asked the OP as to whether or not he wanted to change and take the upgrade.

After a couple of cruises I learned to carefully look over the deck plans and book the cabin I want to begin with and do it well in advance.
If I booked a specific cabin it should be obvious that that was where I wanted to be and if I were "upgraded " to a worse location without my knowledge I think I would have a conversation with the Hotel Director very soon--like as soon as I boarded.
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