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Default Celebrity vs. Royal Caribbean

I'm a Celebrity-aholic. There I admitted it! I've tried Princess and Carnival and for me and my family, they don't hold a candle to the =X=.

For those of you who have sailed Royal Caribbean AND =X=, can you please educate me a little more on the former? We would like to try Royal, I understand the parent company and their relationship to =X=, but am thinking of giving them a shot next year, in 2010. There's an incredible deal for a TA from Harwich , with stops in Ireland, Iceland, Nova Scotia, etc. I know there may be more children on board RC, and a little more outdoor activities...but what else?

We would be able to transfer our status to RC at their Diamond level.

I see many of signature blocks, and the cruises you have taken, so please educate me.

Thanks Cruise Mates!
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