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I am responding to Kiki's article here. It is so sad that there ar no longer dresscodes that are enforced.

Cruising is a great vacation, but it is not a rustic cabin in the woods. It is a social situation that calls for passengers to show respect for each other. Casual dress is fine on occasion, when warranted, such as an evening after a day ashore. Otherwise, glamour should prevail. I miss the old formal nights when the men did wear a tux and the women did bring gowns.

Tuxes and gowns fit very easily into small luggage. In fact, I remember when some men packed very lightly since they wore their tuxedos every night, and they were not out of place.

Nobody says that you have to have a different formal for every formal night. One will suffice, especially if you change your jewelry and hair style.

Please bring bck the dress codes.

Make cruising what it was supposed to be, a gala affir.
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