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Originally Posted by ferrangi
Originally Posted by BobMiller
Originally Posted by ferrangi
Originally Posted by BobMiller
A word of warning, if you use your debit card for your sail and sign deposit the hold for your deposit may not get lifted by the bank for several days after your card gets debited to pay your sail and sign so you could end up with twice as much held as you actually spend.
Okay, here's a question I'm sure has already been answered somewhere.
If we already have cash on our s&s acount.... (min required $200 each)
can we still use our debit card and if so... at what point would they place the hold on it?
From what I have been told, If you spend more than the deposit they add a hold for each purchase in the amount of the purchase. By the end of the cruise, the hold equals the total that you owe on the S&S. If your bank is on the ball the hold will release when the total amount gets debited but I have seen banks that take several days to release the hold.
So just to clarify... if we have 400.00 on s&s for 2 of us and on day 5 we only have say... $50 left... are you saying the won't put a hold on our debit card unless we charge/spend more than $50.00??
I thought I was under the impression they would. Maybe that's because when we used our credit card we had to keep going to the pursers desk while they requested more money.
They should not hold more than the original deposit, unless you spend more than the deposited amount, then they may put more on hold. If you still have $50 of the deposit available then they will not put more on hold.

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