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Default Re: new to cruise vacations

Nurse Debra,

Originally Posted by You
Norm, I was so happy to hear that your comment calling another poster on this board an "ungrateful malcontent" was not directed at me!
That's not exactly what I said. Rather, I said that it was not addressed to you.

Originally Posted by You
That said, it does then bring up the question as to whom that comment was directed to?
I'm refraining from naming names.

Originally Posted by You
... you must now realize that my posts have always been fair and honest in reporting what happened to me and 2,000 other passengers on my cruise...
No, I don't agree. To be blunt, you have long come across as expecting something to which you have no legal right and hell-bent on unjustly disparaging Celebrity for not giving it to you.

I'm not exactly thrilled with the propulsion pod failures that plagued all four ships of the Millennium class, either. Unfortunately, the legal issues involved left the company little alternative but to continue operating the vessels to build up a case history of failures sufficient to substantiate the legal claim of defect. When Celebrity cancelled cruises due to these failures, those who had booked them received a full refund plus a voucher for a free cruise at a later date -- very generous compensation indeed, especially when measured by industry standards -- with no guarantee that the company would be able to recover the cost from either the supplier of the defective propulsion pods or the shipyard that selected and installed them.

When a cruise operates but cancels a port of call, it is not customary in the industry to refund anything. When the company gives a shipboard credit as a gesture of good will under those circumstances, one should be grateful. If one is not, the term "malcontent" is certainly a very fair and reasonable description of one's attitude.

Originally Posted by You
Happy sailing.
And you also!

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