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Default Re: Fuel charges... NEVER refunded

Originally Posted by ItaliaPrincessFL
I got together 37 friends and family members to take a cruise on the Monarch this past week. RCs policy was to refund my fuel charges and put onto my sail card. I paid for 7 passengers!!! and got back ZERO. Had the group coord., Gerald, of the ship "look into it" with the promise of "I will get back to you with an answer by tonight"... never heard from the guy again.
Yes, I used a cruise planner ((by suggestion of RC)), but my payments were made to RC. They REFUSE to discuss this situation with me.
NEVER AGAIN WILL I USE ROYAL CARIBBEAN, nor will I recommend them.
Another complaint... Bad weather (rain and cold), ok, thats certainly not the company's fault... but you woud think they would have added more onboard activities for the passengers. We were unable to have the planned Bar-b-q at Coco Key due to 6 foot waves, but they offered NOTHING on board in its place. POOR PLANNING ON THEIR PART.

Carnival here I come.
I feel so sorry for you,
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