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Originally Posted by Pinkflower
Hi, Triton. Last time I salied with Royal C. was many, many years ago, so
I can't really remember well and things do change with time. Sorry!

Forgive me, but you being a Celebrity fan, what makes it so special? My
husband and I will be saling to Scandinavia and Russia in Constellation
and recently, I've come across very bad reviews from other cruisemates
about Celebrity and its ships.... We already paid in full and are very

Can you help me on this?

I've only sailed on Celebrity twice, RCCL once and an old line back in 1978. I love Celebrity! Did an 11nt to Mexico Riviera in 2006 on Infinity and last year did a 12nt cruisetour to Alaska that started in Fairbanks for a 5nt landtour then boarded the Millennium in Seward for a 7nt cruise southbound to Vancouver. Both of our cruises with X were fabulous! Loved every thing about them! The landtour was fabulous, as well! Great Tour Directors! I wouldn't pay much attention to most of the negative reviews. The more you read negative reviews, the more you'll look for problems, the more you read perfect reviews, the more you'll expect and that will lead to a big disappointment! Go in with a positive attitude and you will have a great cruise. Takes too much energy to be unhappy!
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