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Default First Cruise = World Cruise..?

Hello Everyone ,

My name is Arthur, I am 24 years old. I study and live in my hometown Vienna, Austria.

After finishing my degree in 2010, my girlfriend and I are planning on going on a circa 140-day world cruise.

We have never been on a cruise before, let alone for such a long period of time. We do travel a lot (in the past three years we have been to latin america, south east asia, japan, morocco and obviously quite a bit of europe), but usually we arent gone for more than 3-4 weeks on one trip.

We started out with the idea of just crossing the atlantic and heading down to Brazil. But soon we had the crazy thought of just going on an entire worldcruise

Just so you can get a glimpse of our interests, we would love the route to include places like: India, China, Papua New Guinea, Sth. Pacific (Fiji, Tonga, Samoa), Fr. Polynesia (Tahiti, Bora Bora), Rapa Nui, Mexico, Caribbean Islands

I have a couple of "beginner" questions. It would really help getting started with the rough plans if you could give us some ideas:

-Starting Point:
living in Vienna, I am guessing that good ports to start our journey would probably be hamburg, southhampton, nice or somewhere in italy? are these the "main" european ports to board cruises? or are there other good starting points (netherlands..)?

I would love to hear from someone who has been on a cruise/ship for several months in one stretch. Does it get very exhausting..? Being in constant movement, seeing so many different places, cultures..being away from home, in a ships cabin?
or does it feel much calmer, more relaxed than for instance travelling around the globe by airplane and being jetlagged all the time..?

-Do you think it is an insanely absurd idea for absolute cruise-beginners to book such a lenghty cruise? or do you think it will be a great adventure that one will fondly remember for years to come..? would you advise to try out a short cruise first, like in the mediterranean and test it out?

-Which areas of the Oceans are very prone to rough seas or might even cause dangerous cruising conditions?

-What types of cruise-companies/ships would you recommend for a 130- or 140-day worldcruise..? are there some black sheep that one better stay away from..? I dont think we would be very comfortable on ships like the Cunard line, as they are very classic and have rather strict dresscodes.. (not that we want to wear shorts and flipflops all the time, but a smoking or dinner jacket can get a little stressy for 4 months..) Also we arent looking for loads of young people that want to party.. we do prefer a quiet, family-like atmosphere..

I hope our questions arent too general

we would very much appreciate some advice from some of you cruise experts out there.. thank you very much in advance!
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