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Default Celebrity/Royal Carribean horror story

Think it was four or five years ago when we did a t/a from HARWICH TO BOSTON ..and I don't remember any ports (we also had a very, very rough day at sea). Distinctly we had an outside cabin with veranda on the 8th deck.. beautiful ship. kuki,Triton, memories of it are literally painful..First morning in the beautiful solarium as i was getting out of the jacuzzi because of the overflowing water and slippery TILE STEP i slipped and badly fractured my wrist and dislocated my thumb..thats how i started off my cruise on he first a.m...After having it worked on by the two physicians,and nurse, a security officer continually questioned me if i had been drinking.. given pain killers, a bill arrived that night and was never called or seen again..oh yes..for many reasons i remembered my orthopedics phone # and had the M.D. call him before he worked on me.. Went back to the solarium where my clothes were dumped on the floor by guest who said 'you weren't there'...That was #1..Dining room service except for our waiter was indifferent..R.C. regulars even complained..#2.. As i was attempting to disembark with my hand in a cast (didn't think about a wheel chair). I mentioned to the sales rep how disappointed I was in aspects of the cruise and his answer was.. and this is a direct quote.."What do y ou expect from a cheap cruise"....It just so happens at our table was a Judge and his wife from Broward County in Florida, a D.A. from L.A. and his wife..both had done a previous cruise.. so this was a back to back for these two couples.. and a honeymoon couple from Scotland going to visit his parents outside of Boston and us..#4.. Then the saddest thing and most horrific thing was a young man in a motorized wheelchair who was all over the ship.. His father asked the above man while we were waiting to disembark if he could leave the ship early to go home..the "sales rep" said... and I heard him.. "wait your turn"..Even Parrot Pop who is easy to please thought the ships entertainment troupe looked like they had Halloween wigs on and remnants of drapery material for costumes.. AS year or so later as I was booking a cruise with Celebrity a RC Sales Manager came over...and I told her the story.. complete with exact names and dates..She knew the sales rep...and was horrified and apologized. Now, my friends want us to try Royal Caribbean again...Except for the ports...WHY!!!! Later learned that the two most dangerous spots on the BOS were the inside jacuzzi and the glass steps in the Atrium.. Am I stupid enough to try a second RC..I don't know yet. I just know that after trying Princess for the first time.. I would love to go back to Celebrity.. but if I do RC it will only be because of the ports and the fact it ends in Boston.. but I'll hold my nose when or if I make a downpayment and hope for the best and have very low expectations. When I arrived home a visit to the orthopedic was on the agenda for the next day.. he and his associates looking at his x-ray of the Colles fx thought I would lose at least 30% of the use of my left wrist..Within a week I was operated on, four screws inserted in my arm and wrist and a metal rod....and being a terrible patient did all I wasn't supposed to do..mainly somebody had to take care of our parrots and now except for weakness I've regained ALMOST ALL the use of my wrist. Should I try this line again...somebody will have to do a fanastic selling job or arm
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