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Default Shore Booking

Shore trips from the cruise lines are becoming more and more expensive. On a recent 38 day cruise the cost of shore trips far exceeded the cost of the cruise. Most people take the position that I probally won't be here again so lets splurge this one time. Taking a helicopter ride in Hawaii can cost you several hundred dollars if purchased from the cruise line. Booking your own helicopter, as we did, cut the price in half thus it was really affordable. We tried to do the same thing in South America where the cost was over $4000 for a Machu Picchu side trip. We found the same trip for under $2000 however with time restraint and the risk of missing the ship at the next port-- we had to forget that shore trip. If you will take the time you can probally find a better bargain on the internet for a particular shore trip than purchasing that trip from the cruise line. If you don't like the risk or want to take then tiem anad you feel it is a must shore trip then book before you get on board. Soem shore trips dod sell out and are not available on board while others never fill up. If you want to take a really expensive fabulous trip try to get some other travelers to go in with you. A helicopter ride is a good example. The cost really goes down when you share. A 100 mile auto ride to an ancient city at the next port might be as little as 25% of the price charged by the cruise line and you will have much greater flexibility in your own motor vehicle. Good luck!
Bill A. Belt
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