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Default Elevator Etiquette

I don't think I've ever seen this one but if I missed it, forgive me for the repeat. About my only gripe are those who have no manners when it comes to elevators. This seems to be more prevelant on ships than any buildings I've ever been in.

It almost never fails that when I'm trying to get off, someone's blocking the door and/or trying to get in before I can get out. Is it that difficult to stand away from the door until you know if someone is getting off or not?

The thing that really gets me is waiting at the elevator banks and having someone walk up, clearly see that we are already waiting, and still rush the first elevator that opens when there clearly isn't enough room for everyone. Maybe they are the same guilty parties mentioned above.

I've even witnessed it happening to seniors and handicapped with mobility problems. I would walk 10 flights of stairs before I took an elevator from someone with special needs.
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