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Dont hit those that cant defend themselves, but consider why the seniors for lots of reasons do what they do and basically as people they "cant help it". Its just how they are, I see it all the time. Dining room for first sitting opens at 6pm, but they turn up at 5:15 and begin a Q to get in first,,,why?

They already have a table to go to even if they turned up at 6:10 the seat would still be there,,,why do that?

Breakfast is at 8am on their clock, what happens is again another Q of folks that think you have to eat at certain times and at that time in the Windjammer or buffet area and in their head if you eat breakfast after 9am then its lunch,,,why do that?

As I grow older I just pray that for all sorts of reason I dont get passed that "switch" that will suddenly turn me into a,,,mmmm
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