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I just noticed you are on the same sailing as us. We are taking our grown kids and their two 2 yr. olds and a 10 month old. We have taken one when he was 5 months, then when he was 20 months and again right after he turned 2. The main thing is to take plenty of wipes and pampers, Carnival has washers and dryers so you can alway's do a load of clothes if you need to. Are you taking a stroller? We did the first time, second trip we took a sit-n-stroll, last time took nothing, and this time with three we haven't decided if we want to bring one, or rent a double on the ship. The main thing is sunscreen, hat, tylenol or motrin and some aloe vera gel just incase. Everything is very expensive on the ship and very limited in selection, food from buffet will be fine unless the baby has a delicate tummy. You are going to have so much fun, enjoy every minute.
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