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Good Morning Mates,

Sun is in sky, and 70'- better, but not anywhere near hot enough to my liking...I shall not complain.

Yesterday was busy, and I did not sleep well - dreamed I had a pet alligator in a huge aquarium in the living room and he got mad and smashed it - causing a flood - I think the rain has gotten to me...
It was hard to get back to sleep after that.

Today will be busy again - work, errands, then to the park this evening for the band concert under the gazebo. My brother plays in the band. His son and family are up from Mass - so if I want to see my great nieces I must attend the concert - so I shall go.

Tomorrow is already pretty much booked too.

Next weekend will include a quick trip to Portland, Me and surrounding area. We will be attending the baptism of my great-nephew. My sister will already be hunkered down in Ogunquit for a two week vacation, so my dh and I will bring my mother - first we will spend day at beach with my sister. Then trek back north to Portland. I will drop off my mother and probably my husband. Then I will head out to Denmark, ME to pick up my niece who is counselling at summer camp. I will bring her to her sister's house in Portland, the I will head back to the hotel - sleep and be up and ready for the service which I believe begins somewhere in Portland at 9 am - so it will be a short night. After the service, a luncheon at my nieces home - then not sure if I have to bring my niece back to camp, but anyway - head home in the afternoon.
I think I'll bypass work and just go back to bed.

Well enjoy the sun today - hope the day brings only good your way,
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