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Good Morning CruiseMates,
It is a quiet morning here in Indiana. It seems that we must have gotten more rain last night. It is soggy looking outside. I hope the comes out and warms things up just a little bit. Laundry is nearly caught up. I think if the kids and I work for an hour or so cleaning house it ought to be in pretty good shape then we can go outside and do a few things out there and enjoy our day. I think it may be too chilly to swim though. Perhaps I'll throw some shock in the pool and put the solar cover on it so it will be clean and warmer tomorrow if the weather straightens up.

Got a call from the neighbor yesterday. She is really really busy and needed a little help planning travel arrangements. Their boys have both been playing on minor league travelling teams, so they've been on the road trying to see them play when possible, Their youngest daughter is in her final week as County Fair Queen and they have all of this weeks fair activities to attend to as well as the official crown passing ceremony on Saturday Night. Their oldest daughter is in Rhode Island and is expecting her first child/their first grandchild any moment and she was at the hospital yesterday with contractions, so my neighbor was ready to lose her marbles called to see if could find them decently priced last minute air so they could fly to Boston last night, if the baby was really coming. Well I found them good air prices into Providence (half the price of Boston), but the contractions stopped and so they're just waiting to see what will happen next and we're all praying that baby will wait until after Saturday Night to make it's appearance so they don't have to choose between either daughter's special events.
So we're just waiting to hear.
I have to be honest, I am really enjoying not having a ton of stuff on the go yesterday and today. It is nice to just kind of relax a little right now. I only have 2 weeks until d/s's surgery and then things are going to get stressful again for a while.
I just heard the dryer beep. I think I only have one more load of clothes to wash and I will be caught up. It feels good.
Not much else happening here. Hope the sun comes out for all of us today!

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