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Good morning!

I have to confess something. While I was up for a few hours during the night, I couldn't believe it when Fran came into the bedroom this morning and asked me if I was going to get up? She continued that the reason she was asking was that it was 10:30!

Sid, have a great weekend and yes, we'll see you on Monday.

Sounds as if after this weekend Jen, you might even be that alligator in your next dream!

Sue, sounds sorta' like the weather we've been having but today is going to be hot and sunny.

Wish I were just going to lie by a pool today as well, Laura

I was thinking B/W, your neighbor obviously does not have the organizational skills as do you. You'd coordinate every stop even if it made bringing the Concorde out of retirement!

R/D, your pets are truly adorable, your new kitten being especially photogenic as well. Don't worry, she'll soon be purring in your lap.

Mama, take it from a worry-wart, it ain't worth the stress!

Prayers to everyone on the list and Blessing on all `o you'uns!

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