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Default Thursday, Thursday, Thursday

Good morning from Southern California. Our temps are inching up, up, and up.

We had a short tour of the radiation facility yesterday. The machine that does the radiation is made by Elektra and is very complicated. The engine (I don't know what else to call it) is in a special room behind a wall. It's huge and looks like a jet engine. The room is surrounded by seven feet of concrete. My skin had been pronounced in good condition so far, although it is red. The aloe spray helps a lot, at this point. The tech said they went to a facility in Beverly Hills before this one was built. Quite fancy, we were told, and I thought this one was state-of-the-art!

Todd, I hope Fran is doing well.
RD, let us know if you catch that cat!

Have a good day, people. cat chasing, or not!

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