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My last cruise was very different than all my others. I was surprised how many older guys (meaning they can drink and probably between the ages of 21 and 30ish) were flirting with me and offering me drinks. They were really outgoing, for obvious reasons haha I went up to a bunch of girls and starting talking to them. I'm usually the outgoing one, but only on cruises! haha I think you should switch dates and come on my cruise so I'm not the only crazy one!

I work for a dj/mc company. I obviously only really work on Saturdays and I travel a lot for the job. I dance at parties and get people up to dance and do games/activities. I basically was hired because of the way I look (which I think is ridiculous), my dancing skills and most importantly, my personality. When I'm at work, I have to be extremely upbeat and have LOTS of energy. I do get yelled at if I don't look the right way or if I don't have enough energy. My boss is really hard on us and wants us to be perfect. Overall, I absolutely love it and plan on staying with the company well into my 20s!

When I'm on a cruise, I take the same attitude as I do at work which is why I always have an amazing time even if there aren't many kids my age. I'm always up on stage dancing and always in the dining room parading around with the waiters.
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