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Today the real fun begins, it is the day we do the christening event with Sophia Loren. She will be here for interviews plus all of the MSC brass like Rick Sasso.

In general, the L’Olivo and Santa Fe are a la carte menues, which means every item is ordered and priced individually. Santa Fe is a bit less expensive, I started with an entree of “tacos” for which I paid 3.00 Euro. It was three taquitos (rolled up –deep-fried). They were substantial. My entrée was Pork Anchioto with lots of meat and refried beans. It was 8.00 Euro. A drink would be about 3 Euro. So, my total cost was 14 Euro with drink (which you would pay for separately on an US ship). Fajitas were about 10 Euro. It was a lot of food, one could easly get one entrée alone and be satisfied.

In L’Olivio, the prices for appetizers were about 3 to 6 Euro. Entrees were 7 to 11 Euro.
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